Healthcare & Life Sciences

Healthcare & Life Sciences

Eraneos supports healthcare providers and life sciences organizations in designing and implementing their digital transformations.

Making an innovative contribution to healthcare, for everyone

As part of the Healthcare & Life Sciences team you contribute to healthcare. Together with your colleagues, you provide input on how the power of innovation can be used to optimize healthcare processes. In order to make an impact for patients and healthcare workers, for our customers, you act as a discussion partner for various professionals (such as IT managers or the chief medical information officers of hospitals, or researchers at pharma organizations).

Our team

The multidisciplinary Healthcare & Life Sciences team consists of colleagues with both domain knowledge and knowledge of work processes within healthcare or life sciences. Every team member is a specialist or is in the process of becoming one. Many of us have experience in healthcare: some come from the medical field, or have a research background — or a PhD — related to healthcare, all of which enables us to add value in our projects.

What we do

Our team meets regularly to discuss relevant topics in the field. The focus of these sessions is on the regional healthcare model, electronic health record strategies, IT target operating models, and the effective use of data. We try to challenge and coach each other in order to get the best out of each other. Our projects are executed in collaboration with our customers; we are successful when we join forces.

Creating an impact for customers

Every customer and project is different and requires a different approach, time and again.

For Espria, we launched a series of innovation initiatives in which digitalization provides important support. We also arranged the innovation structure required for this within Espria. An Espria-wide innovation team is now active so that digitalization can be seen and felt throughout the organization.

At Rijnstate (a hospital in the Netherlands), we ensured that its Information and Medical Technology Service Center would be able to improve cross-departmental processes in a pragmatic way and focus on realizing shared goals. Kaizen (for structured problem solving) and Obeya (for overview of the status of goals) were chosen as tools to drive and achieve these goals.

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Together, as a team and with the client, we shape the digitization of society in innovative projects that have real impact – in both the public and private sectors. And we’re proud of it. Which vacancy suits you?

Robin from the Healthcare & Life Sciences team about working at Eraneos

“We want to make healthcare work better. We constantly ask ourselves how we can make the healthcare professionals’ work more efficient and, above all, more enjoyable.”