Data & AI

Data & AI

Eraneos activates data and uses AI to create real value for customers.

Data and AI lie at the heart of innovation and digital transformation

As part of our Data & AI team, you help deliver innovative solutions to small and large organizations to resolve challenges involving machine learning, big data, data engineering and data science. Together with your colleagues, you advise customers on data and AI solutions, and you design, build and deliver them. Your insight, knowledge, experience and innovation mindset ensure that you not only fulfill your role, but also create real impact for our customers.

Our team

The Data & AI team consists of consultants, data architects, data scientists, data engineers, software engineers and project managers — all of whom bring innovative ideas to life. We’re a team that’s driven by creating technical solutions that make an impact for our customers — we deliver results that add value. We take a technical deep dive into each customer’s world and explore it thoroughly. Every team member has their own expertise, but we all share the same passion when it comes to innovating and solving data problems. We enjoy learning together and sharing knowledge with our Eraneos colleagues. We come together as a team several times a year for an Innovation Day — a full day dedicated to research and development, where we explore cutting-edge tools and technologies.

What we do

We work for customers in many different ways. For some, we work on purely technical solutions such as designing and building a data platform or building an integration solution using APIs. For others, we resolve specific data science and analytics issues in order to facilitate analyzing or predicting complex data. Every member of our multidisciplinary team brings something different to the table. We prefer to combine all our skills to come up with comprehensive solutions for our customers. We can call on a variety of specialists in our team to develop such solutions and we take responsibility for the result.

Creating an impact for customers

Every customer and project is different and requires a different approach, time and again. We work locally and internationally either at our customer’s premises, our own office or from home. Sometimes we collaborate with other Eraneos teams on industry-specific projects. 

For Apotheek Voorzorg, we built a digital twin and an optimization algorithm. This allowed us, in an assortment of more than 1,500 available pills and thousands of possible prescriptions, to find the optimal combination of pill assortment that should go into each machine to guarantee maximum efficiency and maintain the highest quality without errors. We were able to achieve 14% more automatically processed prescriptions in the first year. In financial terms, this resulted in cost savings of €0.5 million per year for Apotheek Voorzorg.

We developed an Azure data hub and tire quality prediction model for Bridgestone EU. To improve the current IT at its tire factories and take advantage of the opportunities offered by the smart factory journey, digital manufacturing and Industry 4.0, Bridgestone Europe needed flexible, scalable, data-driven and cloud-native data and AI solutions. Within two months, we had already delivered an Azure cloud-native, scalable data hub with streaming and data warehousing capabilities. Our data hub solution is helping Bridgestone Europe to accelerate its digital transformation, bringing it one step closer to creating a smart factory.

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Together, as a team and with the client, we shape the digitization of society in innovative projects that have real impact – in both the public and private sectors. And we’re proud of it. Which vacancy suits you?

Mallory from the Data & AI team about working at Eraneos

“Because Eraneos is a consultancy company, we have the luxury of working in all kinds of industries with different clients.”