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Our people make the biggest impact. They are at the heart of everything we do. Read more about how they experience working for Eraneos.

Avirish Ishwardat | Sourcing & IT Advisory

“You are given a lot of freedom in the way you work and are really treated like a professional.”

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Mallory Brickerd | Data & AI

“Eraneos aligned with what I was looking for in an employer: a well-established company with the opportunity to learn and grow as a professional.”

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Maurice Boon | Managing Partner

“Whether you ask me to review a presentation, or assist you with a difficult customer conversation, you can approach me and all my colleagues for anything.”

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Hannah Franssen | Organizational Excellence & Transformation

“Eraneos is an ambitious company where people really stay themselves. This makes it possible to connect with the client.”

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Robin Lammerts | Healthcare & Life Sciences

“We believe it’s important that an organization gets all the return from its transformation without it being eroded by day-to-day issues.”

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Karin Spruit | Technology & Platforms

“Today, IT is the cornerstone of every company and we get to work on business problems and solve them with custom applications based on our technical expertise.”

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Wouter Giesberts | Digital Business & Innovation

“We’re big enough as an organization to really make an impact, but at the same time we’re small enough for everyone to know everyone else’s name.”

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Pamela Verkijk | Sourcing & IT Advisory

“At Eraneos we want to make an impact, and we do! Our customers confirm this.”

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Wido van Heemstra | Data & AI

“A large part of the job is working together with the clients to truly pinpoint what they want, and what they need.”

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Youandi Hoogerbrugge | HR

“At Eraneos we are always working on improving quality: how can we make it better and more fun for everyone.”

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Tim Boelema | Technology & Platforms

“I would describe the atmospehere at Eraneos as energetic, dynamic, and just fun.”

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Marieke Jonker | Healthcare & Life Sciences

“I think Eraneos is the perfect place if you like to be challenged and also want to challenge others – from customers to colleagues.”

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