Public Services

Public Services

Eraneos supports governmental organizations at the local, national and international level with deep expertise and experience in designing and implementing digital transformations.

Supporting governmental organizations to make social impact

As part of the Public Services team, you work on challenges that deal with what form transformation, agility and leadership will take at (Dutch) governmental organizations. Together with your colleagues, you tackle issues that government organizations in general — and their executive branches in particular — are struggling with in the Netherlands. You speak their language and understand their complexity and dynamics.

Our team

The Public Services team consists of people who hold the public sector close to their heart. The government belongs to all of us. We want to give something back to society. Together, our goal is to optimize government processes using digital technology in order to contribute to society and help realize the UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals. This goal is reflected in all our projects, such as helping UWV. UWV is a Dutch government authority that implements employee insurances and provides labor market and data services.

We have an informal culture where openness, short communication lines between all colleagues and mutual trust are key. All of us understand the decision-making, processes and rules of government agencies when it comes to implementing change — and we challenge each other to do things a little bit better every day. Team members are not afraid to ask critical questions and every one of us has a strong, results-oriented personality. As a result, we work well and precisely together to win, implement and deliver new projects.

How we work

The Public Services team handles tendering for government agency projects and has the knowledge required to best execute them. We understand how (Dutch) government agencies work and how to collaborate in partnerships with them. Our team speaks the customer’s language, we understand the context and establish relationships with similar customers at home and abroad. We work closely with Eraneos’ other teams.

Creating an impact for customers

We focus on information-intensive governmental organizations. Every customer and project is different and requires a different approach, time and again.

We were asked to assess and map the functioning of the entire information provision chain of Waterschap Rivierenland (a Dutch water board). Based on the assessment results, we identified areas for improvement which Eraneos worked out in five follow-up steps in close collaboration with the water board.

To ensure continuity in the IT services of the Ministry of Defense, we implemented a project to modernize their IT service management system. The entire project was carried out in the middle of the coronavirus pandemic, which meant, for example, that most meetings — and all training sessions — had to take place online. The ministry can now access ServiceNow’s platform itself. This forms the basis for expansion into all service management and governance processes as well as collaborations with market players.

We were contracted by the Municipality of Maastricht to support them in their transformation to Lean IT. The transformation was carried out based on the 3-step principle: 1) demonstrate, 2) do it together, and 3) do it alone. In addition to changing attitudes and behaviors, introducing KPIs and reporting, and providing insight into time use, we also resolved planning and coordination issues.

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Together, as a team and with the client, we shape the digitization of society in innovative projects that have real impact – in both the public and private sectors. And we’re proud of it. Which vacancy suits you?