Organizational Excellence & Transformation

Organizational Excellence & Transformation

Eraneos supports companies and organizations in designing and implementing their digital transformations.

Implementing digital transformations where acceptance and adoption prevail, with real results

As part of the Organizational Excellence & Transformation team, you help customers achieve their strategic objectives through improved organization and ways of working. Together with your colleagues, you guide customers through the entire process: from designing their future operating model and organizational structure, to implementation and making sure it’s embedded. You use both new ideas and proven solutions, taking a customer-centric, tailored approach. You are deployed as a subject-matter expert, change agent, facilitator, coach and doer.

Our team

Our Organizational Excellence & Transformation team is an experienced, ambitious and diverse one. Our people possess an entrepreneurial mindset, we enjoy our work, challenge each other and are eager to learn. Everyone on our team has broad knowledge when it comes to change management, lean working, agile working. In fact, we are rated as one of the top consulting firms in the Netherlands. We also have DevOps expertise and knowledge of IT organizations at our disposal. Our team members are specialized in one or two of these fields, depending on where their interest and passion lie. We execute projects in multidisciplinary teams of colleagues who complement and support each other.

What we do

The vast majority of our projects focus on enterprise transformations. For each proposition, we have an in-house subject-matter expert who is supported by colleagues who have a lot of knowledge and expertise in the relevant field. In our collaborations, we emphasize the human aspect, which allows us to establish long-term relationships with our customers based on trust. We execute projects for different types of customers, so it is important to take a deep dive into each customer’s world: we take the time to examine the context of the company, their market and products, and their working methods. This involves program management, project management and people management.

Creating an impact for customers

Every customer and project is different and requires a different approach, time and again.

For the Dutch National Police, Eraneos designed and executed the initial phase of the transition to agile working across the entire information provision organization. We set up production lines where customers and DevOps teams come together. This means that the National Police are now able to grow to the next level autonomously.

For Aegon, we designed and implemented a target operating model resulting in a network organization with agile entrepreneurship, customer focus, flexibility and faster time to market as the most important starting points. In collaboration with all layers of the organization, we achieved a significant performance improvement.

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Together, as a team and with the client, we shape the digitization of society in innovative projects that have real impact – in both the public and private sectors. And we’re proud of it. Which vacancy suits you?

Hannah from the Organizational Excellence & Transformation team about working at Eraneos

“The strength of Eraneos is that we look for the best solution together. A colleague can provide valuable feedback by taking a fresh look at it.”