“You are given a lot of freedom in the way you work and are really treated like a professional.”

Avirish Ishwardat | Sourcing & IT Advisory

“You are given a lot of freedom in the way you work and are really treated like a professional.”

Meet Senior Consultant Avirish

Starting a new job and becoming a father for the first time, that ain’t peanuts. Avirish Ishwardat is doing very well at both. He came into contact with Eraneos just before his son was born. “My future manager was very understanding of my situation and gave me the time I needed to get used to being a father before completing my application process.”

Avirish found the first interview at the office to be very pleasant. However, he did not do the final round of interviews until two months later. “It was nice that I was given time to spend time with my newborn son and girlfriend first, so that I could then focus properly on the presentation round. I really liked the fact that my needs were considered from the beginning.”

“You are given a lot of freedom in the way you work and are really treated like a professional.” 

Avirish Ishwardat, Senior Consultant

The perfect match

For Avirish, Eraneos is the perfect match between the technical, executive side of the industry and the advisory side of consulting. He has experience in both, but was looking for that place where he could bring both together. Studying Business IT and Management allowed him to go in all directions after graduation. “I started as an infrastructure consultant where I was mainly involved in technical implementation. After that I ended up in a role where I could do more consulting. Eraneos is the perfect middle ground in this: I can put myself well into the technical implementation at a client, in order to give even better advice on the deployment of IT.”

Development journey

Avirish detailed his ambitions in a personal development plan. “I had indicated during my application how I would like to develop myself further. At my previous employer there was no room for this, but at Eraneos it is taken into account.”

There are no set routes you take within Eraneos, or a particular box you are put in. “Eraneos leaves you free to follow your own development path, in which you are also supported by your development coach.” Avirish has ambitions toward project management. His goal is to advise clients on the deployment of IT; to fully map the current situation, outline the future situation, and help the client make the right transition. “Within Eraneos you are helped to put down a good development plan, and you are given the opportunity to go to courses that fit this.” He also wants to grow into a Lean Black Belt consultant. “In doing so, I can help customers make the transition to the future.”

Colleagues to build upon

Eraneos is a large organization with many employees. “You feel the freedom and openness to interact and spar with colleagues. You are helped to find your way within Eraneos”. Avirish did his first project with an Eraneos colleague. “It was nice to start with someone to whom you could ask questions or who could help you. I was also really given the freedom to take the time to settle down properly.” Even when he is alone on a project, Avirish experiences support from his team. It is always possible to reach colleagues with questions.

Tinkering with projects and motorcycles

In addition to his work, Avirish enjoys being involved in motorsports. “I love practicing motorsports, but also love to spend all weekend tinkering on my own car or motorcycle.” Moreover, sports are a way to unwind for Avirish.   
Furthermore, Avirish enjoys spending time with his friends and family; catching a movie in the cinema, having a beer at the pub, or eating out. “I am really a family person and find it important to spend a lot of time with them.” Meanwhile, the first family vacation is planned to Curaçao. “That will be a bit of a strain, 10 hours on the plane with my little son,” Avirish laughs, “But of course it will be more than worth it.”

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