Eraneos has several support departments: Back Office, Finance, HR, Marketing, and Recruitment.

Shaping A New Era of Digital

Eraneos is a growing company with exciting opportunities in various fields such as Marketing, HR, Finance, and Recruitment. As we continue to expand, we are searching for talented and passionate individuals to join our team and help us bring value to our customers.

Back Office

The Back Office team at Eraneos is the administrative hub for all projects. Our project support staff ensure that hours can be booked and that customers receive invoices. They provide support for every step along the way, starting before a project commences. 


The Finance department handles the administration of Eraneos Netherlands B.V. and all its domestic and foreign subsidiaries.


HR represents a crucial aspect of any organization: the human factor. HR’s challenge is to create a working environment in which opportunities for employees to find and use their qualities and talents are optimized.


Our Marketing department develops strategies to market our beautiful brand in order to attract new customers and retain existing ones.


Recruitment is responsible for the process of identifying, attracting and selecting the best qualified and available candidates. They also deal with Eraneos’ employer brand.

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Together, as a team and with the client, we shape the digitization of society in innovative projects that have real impact – in both the public and private sectors. And we’re proud of it. Which vacancy suits you?