Digital Business & Innovation

Digital Business & Innovation

Eraneos supports companies and organizations to innovate, and design and implement their digital strategy with the aim of becoming data driven.

Do you want to help customers become future-proof?

As part of our multidisciplinary Digital Business & Innovation team, you assist customers with their digital strategy, using innovations — including in the field of data & AI. Together with your colleagues, you help customers find their way in the world of data-driven entrepreneurship and you immerse yourself in the total design of their digital transformation. To deliver the best result, you take a deep dive into where customers are and where they want to be.

Our team

The Digital Business & Innovation team is a group of diverse individuals, each with their own talents. We work together to shape change at our customers’ organizations. Our team is analytical, creative and we play a guiding role. Making an impact through collaboration is what our team is all about. Everyone engages in professional and personal development. We all have deep expertise and are curious and empathetic. We can both follow and lead. Every team member dares to be bold and step out of their comfort zone.

What we do

In innovative ways, our Digital Business & Innovation team helps customers discover new products and services, shape their digital strategy and become data-driven organizations. In addition, we support customers in implementing change. We not only provide a transformation on paper, but also guide the entire implementation. The specifics are often worked out in collaboration with members of other Eraneos teams, such as our Sourcing & IT Advisory colleagues.

Creating an impact for customers

Every customer and project is different and requires a different approach, time and again.

For the Dutch Cancer Society (KWF), we applied an innovative solution to the KWF’s problem of falling fundraising revenues as well as to increasing its appeal as an employer. We used an accelerator to arrive at one innovative idea. That concept has since been implemented in the form of Bundle: a platform currently accessible via the ING app that allows ING customers to donate more easily to charities.

Another example is the largest mortgage lender in the Netherlands that we helped with its declining market share. We worked out a future-proof product proposition in its entirety and then translated it into a transformation program which was rolled out across the entire organization.

In the healthcare and life sciences sectors, we helped a healthcare provider define a new digital strategy in order to cope with rising costs and make better use of digital opportunities. The organization now has an inspiring new digital vision that has also been translated into concrete changes for its customers and employees. In addition, we delivered a roadmap so that the right steps can be taken towards a future that is much better aligned with the organization’s needs and also leverages the potential of digital.

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Together, as a team and with the client, we shape the digitization of society in innovative projects that have real impact – in both the public and private sectors. And we’re proud of it. Which vacancy suits you?

Wouter from the Digital Business & Innovation team about working at Eraneos

“Together, we’re just a very special group of people. That’s what makes Eraneos a unique place and it’s one of the main reasons I’ve enjoyed working here for more than 15 years.”